For the customers of Viking Link

Dansk Toldbehandling ApS will see to that customers of Energinet A/S will trade electricity with England, along with the registration at the Danish customs authorities including the right permits and grants.

We are happy to announce our latest offer, including the following:

  • ¹ We ensure correct application of grants.
  • ¹ We arrange for adaptation of the company’s registration conditions.
  • ¹ We may visit the company before start-up.
  • We are responsible for reporting to the Danish Customs Agency on a monthly basis.
  • We are responsible for accounting in accordance with the grant.
  • We are responsible for control visits from the Customs Agency.
  • You get free assistance with all customs matters incl. questions about CBAM.
  • *You get free assistance for new grants when the EU harmonizes the customs legislation of all EU countries.

Please note that the customs legislation in the individual EU countries may differ.
That is why the EU is in the process of coordinating, so that all EU countries can work based on the same set of rules. We are of course available if there are any changes to the applicable legislation.

All you have to do is send us some information about your company: VAT no and name of contact person to or by the contact formula below and we will revert if we have any additional questions.

The deadline for registration is 1½ month prior to the purchase and/or sale of MWh.
For those who register via Viking Link in December 2023, the deadline is October 30th, 2023.

By purchasing our offer for ¹ applications, grants, check of registration conditions and eventual company visits the price is DKK 0,00, –
The rest of the offer is a 12 months subscription scheme including customs administration fee of DKK 3,495,- per month.

Dansk Toldbehandling ApS – a presentation in English.

This short presentation provides you with an overview of the key aspects of the procedures of Dansk Toldbehandling ApS and their significance in facilitating international trade.

Dansk Toldbehandling ApS is a consulting company of four dedicated customs employees. The company has more than forty years of experience within the customs clearance area and serves a crucial role in regulating the movement of goods across Denmark’s borders and ensuring compliance with the international trading regulations.

In Denmark, customs matters are primarily handled by the Danish Customs Agency. The agency is responsible for controlling the import and export of goods, collecting customs duties and taxes, and enforcing customs regulations.

Key functions of Dansk Toldbehandling ApS

Dansk Toldbehandling ApS oversees the clearance of goods entering or leaving Denmark for their customers. Importers and exporters must provide accurate documentation, such as supplier invoice, to facilitate smooth customs processing.

Denmark, as a member of the European Union (EU), adheres to the Common Customs Tariff, which sets standard duties and tariffs for goods imported from outside the EU. Dansk Toldbehandling ApS ensures the correct assessment and collection of these duties.

Dansk Toldbehandling monitor and enforce the custom authority’s compliance with various trade regulations, including those related to restricted or prohibited goods, sanctions, and intellectual property rights.

To promote efficient international trade, Dansk Toldbehandling ApS offers various facilitation programs and tools, such as the Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) program, which provides benefits to trusted traders.